ReptiCare Coco Husk Chips Ready to Use Bag - 12 Quarts

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✺ Natural    ✺ Ready-to-use    ✺ Peat free
The features your pets will love 
  • 12 Quarts Ready to Use Coconut Fiber Bedding: Provides soft and airy bedding for your reptile tank. It offers 12 quarts of high-quality substrate for immediate use in creating a safe & comfortable habitat 
  • Ideal for All Pets: Whether you're having a tortoise, gecko, lizard, crab, or a ball python, our premium coir fiber bedding is perfect for all of them. ReptiCare is the safe choice for reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, and other tropical creatures 
  • Dust-Free & Non-Allergic: Our scale-friendly Coco Coir bedding substrate is triple-washed to guarantee a dust-free & non-toxic environment 

Sourced from 100% natural coconut husks

How to Use
  • Open the Bag: Open the 12-quart bag of ready-to-use coco coir 
  • Spread the Coir: Spread the coco coir evenly in the enclosure/ tank. Aim for a layer that’s about 2-3 inches deep, which is ideal for most reptiles 
  • Moisture Adjustment: If your pet is a desert species, use the coir as is. For tropical species, lightly mist the coir with water to achieve the desired level of humidity 

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The features you'll love  

Elevate your reptile's living environment with ReptiCare Coconut Coir, a 12-quart, ready-to-use bag, offering a soft, comfortable habitat, promoting the well-being of your pets. Perfect for immediate use, it simplifies habitat setup, making it ideal for busy pet owners. Ideal for maintaining a clean, healthy terrarium, it's suitable for various reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids 

  • Multi-Purpose Reptile Bedding: The ultimate bedding for reptile health and comfort. Create a natural, cozy habitat that ensures your reptile's happiness  
  • Controls Odor & Absorbs Waste: Coco Coir breaks down waste and controls odors, keeping the enclosure clean, fresh & pleasant-smelling 
  • Maintain Humidity and Thermoregulation: Suitable for a wide range of reptiles, including geckos and tropical snakes. It maintains the right humidity levels for different species. For desert species, use the substrate dry, while for tropical species, simply dampen it 
  • Encourages Comfortable Digging and Burrowing: REPTICARE Coco Coir terrarium bedding offers a soft & fibrous texture, and resist to compaction. Empowering your reptiles to dig, burrow, and explore, just like they do in the wild 
  • Perfect for Egg-Laying: For egg-laying species, coconut bedding substrate creates a safe and snug spot for nesting. Witness the enchanting process as your pets establish their nests for a new generation. 
  • Easy to Clean & Long-Lasting: Facilitates hassle-free and eco-friendly waste disposal & Compost it directly in gardens, send to landfills, or recycle to reduce carbon footprint  

    Product information

    ReptiCare - Ideal for Diverse Reptiles, Ensuring Healthy & Stress-free Habitats

    Encourages Digging & Burrowing

    Coconut Husk Chips encourages natural digging and burrowing in reptiles, perfect for creating a habitat that mimics their wild environment

    Safe for Egg-laying & Nesting

    ReptiCare Coconut Husk Chips are ideal for the reproductive health and comfort of breeding reptiles, ensuring a safe, supportive nesting environment

    Maintains Humidity

    Simply dampen for tropical species to maintain higher humidity levels, or use dry for desert species. Husk ensures proper humidity & thermoregulation

    More Hygiene & Less Odor

    Coconut Chips absorbs odor and pet waste effectively, keeping terrariums fresh, clean & free from bad smells, promoting reptile health and well-being

    Customer Reviews

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    Perfect to use in this season for gecko

    I & my pet love the texture of this

    Got Questions? Find Answers Here

    Check out these FAQs on our products that might help you

    What types of pets are Coconut Chips bedding suitable for? 

    Ideal for a variety of pets including reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, and other desert-dwelling creatures

    Is ReptiCare Coconut Chips dust-free? 

    Yes, this terrarium bedding is dust-free and hypoallergenic, making it a safe choice for both pets and their owners

    How do I dispose after using the substrate? 

    Used substrate can be composted or used as a soil amendment in gardens, making it an eco-friendly disposal choice

    How long do coconut chips last before they need a replacement? 

    The longevity of the product depends on the usage and the type of pet. However, it is generally low-maintenance and long-lasting

    What should I do if my pet eats the coconut chips? 

    Consult a veterinarian if significant ingestion occurs or if your pet shows unusual symptoms