ReptiCare Coco Husk Chips Ready to Use Bag - 36 Quarts

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✺ Natural    ✺ Ready-to-use    ✺ Peat free
The features your pets will love 
  • Premium Quality : Provides a soft and moisture-retentive bedding for your reptile tank. It offers 36 quarts of high-quality substrate for immediate use in creating a safe & comfortable habitat 
  • Ideal for All Pets - Perfect for reptiles, amphibians, arachnid & other desert creatures 
  • Dust-Free and Non-allergenic: Our scale-friendly Coconut husk bedding substrate is carefully processed and triple-washed to guarantee a dust-free & non-toxic environment 

Sourced from high-quality coconut husks

How to Use
  • Open the Bag: Open the 36 quart bag of ready-to-use coco husk chips 
  • Spread : Spread the coco husk evenly in the enclosure/ tank. Aim for a layer that’s about 2-3 inches deep, which is ideal for most reptiles 
  • Moisture Adjustment: If your pet is a desert species, use the husk chips as is. For tropical species, lightly mist the husk chips with water to achieve the desired level of humidity 

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The features you'll love

ReptiCare 36 Quarts Coconut Husk Chips provide a premium, ready-to-use bedding solution for reptiles. Made from high-quality coconut husks, it ensures a safe, natural environment, perfect for busy pet owners. The unique texture encourages natural behaviours like burrowing, fostering a stimulating and comfortable habitat. These chips excel in moisture control, adaptable for both humid and dry terrarium conditions 

  • Superior Odor Control: The husk chips effectively absorb waste and naturally control odors, maintaining a fresh habitat. 
  • Encourages Natural Behaviors: The soft and fibrous texture allows reptiles to dig and burrow, mimicking their wild habitat 
  • Perfect for Egg-Laying & Nesting: Create a secure and cozy nesting area for your reptile. The husk chips provide a soft and cushioned surface for egg-laying species, ensuring a safe and comfortable nesting process 
  • Easy to Clean & Long-Lasting: ReptiCare Coco chip mulch bedding is a natural, long-lasting terrarium bedding substrate. It is easy to clean and can be composted or recycled, reducing environmental impact 


Product information

ReptiCare - Ideal for Diverse Reptiles, Ensuring Healthy & Stress-free Habitats

Encourages Digging & Burrowing

Coconut Husk Chips encourages natural digging and burrowing in reptiles, perfect for creating a habitat that mimics their wild environment

Safe for Egg-laying & Nesting

ReptiCare Coconut Husk Chips are ideal for the reproductive health and comfort of breeding reptiles, ensuring a safe, supportive nesting environment

Maintains Humidity

Simply dampen for tropical species to maintain higher humidity levels, or use dry for desert species. Husk ensures proper humidity & thermoregulation

More Hygiene & Less Odor

Coconut Chips absorbs odor and pet waste effectively, keeping terrariums fresh, clean & free from bad smells, promoting reptile health and well-being

Ready to Use Chips 12 Quarts

Ready-to-use coco husk chip bags are perfect for quick, hassle-free setup, ideal for busy reptile breeders. Just open the bag & add it to your tank

Pay Less & Get More Substrate

Our 12-Quart bag of coconut husk chips is safe, clean & non-allergenic, meticulously sieved to remove stones & impurities, ensures a healthy habitat

Airy, Fibrous for Aeration

Ensures optimal aeration with an airy, fibrous texture, promoting a thriving environment in your terrarium, essential for reptile health and vitality

Sustainable Terrarium Bedding

ReptiCare Coconut Husk Chips provide an ideal nurturing substrate for bioactive terrariums, supporting a healthy, natural ecosystem for your reptiles

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
My tegu loved it

These chips are holding moisture for longer time than any pther bedding like bark, peat moss. I’m impressed to know that they are extracted from dry coconuts that means no chemical. Does not harm pets and planets also

My pets loved it man

Happy with the discount they gave me, I’m having pythons I used it for terrarium bedding. Can also be used growing plants

Got Questions? Find Answers Here

Check out these FAQs on our products that might help you

What types of pets are Coconut Chips bedding suitable for? 

Ideal for a variety of pets including reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, and other desert-dwelling creatures

Is ReptiCare Coconut Chips dust-free? 

Yes, this terrarium bedding is dust-free and hypoallergenic, making it a safe choice for both pets and their owners

How do I dispose it after use? 

Used substrate can be composted or used as a soil amendment in gardens, making it an eco-friendly disposal choice

How long do coconut chips last before they need a replacement? 

The longevity of the product depends on the usage and the type of pet. However, it is generally low-maintenance and long-lasting

What should I do if my pet eats the coconut chips? 

Consult a veterinarian if significant ingestion occurs or if your pet shows unusual symptoms