Coir Grow Cubes Enriched with Plant Food Pack of 10

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✺ Natural    ✺ Quick Expansion    ✺ Peat free
The features you'll love
  • 100% Natural Coconut Coir Grow Cubes,  
  • Formulated with a carefully selected plant nutrients, Gro-Med Coco Coir Grow Cubes ensures quick and faster germination 
  • Ideal for all types of crops, from vegetables and flowering to fruiting and herbs 



Sourced from high-quality coconut husks

How to use

Preparation: Expand Gro-Med cubes by adding water to a tray and then placing the cubes inside. 

Planting: Begin by sowing seeds directly into the cubes or insert cuttings/clones from the top seedling hole. 

Watering: Maintain a consistent watering routine. 

Feeding: Follow a nutrient feeding routine for healthier growth. 

Transplanting: Simply place the entire cube into a Gro-Med grow bag and enjoy a hassle-free transplantation 

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Grow Buds Like a Pro with Gro-Med

Gro-Med Coir Grow Cubes are a ready-made mix of top-quality organic coir & carefully selected plant nutrients, creating a nutrient-rich environment for seed starting. Handpicked by agro-experts, these cubes are manufactured by sustainable coir resources, Gro-Med Coir Grow Cubes are compressed into square disc & packed in a bio-degradable non-woven bag making them easy to handle & store.  

For cultivators aiming to grow premium-quality buds, Gro-Med Coir Grow Cubes offer a reliable and effective growing medium. The combination of water retention, aeration, and nutrient absorption capabilities makes coco coir the preferred choice for promoting robust roots and superior plant growth

Elevates Germination Rate: Gro-Med Grow Cubes are enriched with carefully selected plant nutrients. This unique blend creates the perfect environment for seed germination, ensuring quick and consistent sprouting.  

Root Zone Mastery: Strong roots are the foundation of thriving plants. Coco Coir’s' airy, fibrous texture enhances oxygen flow to the roots, enabling vigorous growth right from the beginning. Gro-Med Grow Cubes foster robust and well-structured root systems vital for nutrient uptake and overall plant vitality. 

3X Water Retention: Achieving the perfect moisture balance is essential for successful seed germination. With Gro-Med, you benefit from its impressive 3X water retention capacity, ensuring less frequent watering for your seeds/ clones to thrive with robust vitality. 

Easy Transplantation: When it's time to transplant, our Grow Cubes efficiently prevent root shock. Simply plant the entire cube into Gro-Med Open-top Grow Bag, minimizing disturbance to sensitive roots. 

High CEC & pH Balanced: Coir’s high CEC retains nutrients, reducing fertilizer usage by up to 20%. With a balanced pH between 5.5 and 6.5, our medium ensures that your plants will flourish, absorbing nutrients effectively and growing at their best. 

Reap Flavorful Harvest: Gro-Med Coco Coir guarantees high-quality, potent, and bountiful yields, ensuring a successful and satisfying harvest season 

The Benefits Every Grower Will Love

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Growing canna strains

Worth buying these coir cubes for seedlings, expanding is faster when added water and can be directly transplanted to different pots once the plant is grown.

Using for propagating strains

fast expansion and fresh coir, loved for propagating

My seedlings are doing great

Worth buying for canna growing

Quality is great

I recieved one box that has 10 growing cubes, I'm using it to start off my seedlings

Great for canna

Using for growing seedlings