Coco chips for gardening Coco chips for gardening
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Coco Husk Chips Brick Pack of 6 (6X1.1 lb) Expands Upto 42 Quarts

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Size: 42 Quarts / 10.5 Gallons
✺ Natural    ✺ Quick expansion    ✺ Peat free
The features you’ll love
  • 100% Natural Coco Husk Chips Brick, expands upto 42 quarts, perfect for the entire garden to flourish
  • Crafted from high-quality coconut husk, our chips provide an perfect medium for mulching
  • The unique structure of coco husk chips ensures excellent water retention while promoting efficient drainage, striking the perfect balance for your plants' hydration needs.
  • Ideal for a variety of plants, including flowers, vegetables, herbs, and more.

Sourced from 100% natural coconut husks

How to Use

Hydration: Place the Coco Husk Chips Brick in a container and add water. Allow it to absorb and expand. The expansion process is quick and efficient

Fluffing: Once hydrated, fluff the coco husk chips with your hands to break up any clumps. This step ensures an even and airy texture

Potting Mix: Fill your pots or garden beds with the expanded Coco Husk Chips. The light and well-aerated structure create an ideal environment for rapid rooting

Watering: Water your plants as needed. The 3Xwater retention of the coco husk chips helps retain moisture in the soil

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Size: 42 Quarts / 10.5 Gallons

Why Gro-Med Coco Chips? - Gro-Med Coco Coir Chips, produced from matured husks ranging from 4mm to 20mm in size, effectively reduce the need for manual weeding. Coco Husk Block easily expands to 7 Quarts

Coco Husk Benefits - Gro-Med Coco Chips have low EC and pH balance making it an ideal mulching medium for more nutrient uptake and faster plant growth. Coco Husks break down slowly in 12 months and becomes as a powerful soil amendment or substitute for potting soil.

Aeration and Drainage - Gro-Med Coco Husk mulching medium provides excellent water drainage and has high air porosity properties makes a perfect environment for healthier roots, vibrant plant growth and thus healthier yields. Coco Husk retains water for a longer time and lets excess out, stopping waterlogging thus preventing root rot and plant stress.

Floral Benefits - Gro-Med Coconut Husk Chips are cordial for floriculture and flourish the yields. Coco Husk Chips mulching is worth it for most orchids and flower plants that require frequent watering. Coconut Chips make better drainage systems with potting soil used in plant, container pots and garden raised beds.

Wide Usage - Gro-Med compact sized husk bricks mixed with potting soil, clay or charcoal makes it an ideal growing medium for plants, orchids, shrubs, floral plants, and also used in lawns, raised beds, etc. Coco husks are a great alternative to perlite and other wood barks for mulching.

Product information

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John Ibrahim
Perfect using it as mulching

I use this husk chips for my backyard garden as mulch. One brick expands fastly when added water to 6.5 quarts

Worth buying

This husk chips substrate is great to use for orchids and potting soil mixes

Sustainable and packaging is great

Good product, will rebuy from this website. These products are also available on Amazon

Great for orchids

This is working good for my orchids plants, recieved the bricks on time

Karthik M
Husk chips pottng soil mixing

I used this to make a potting soil mix for my garden and this is so good

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How quickly does Gro-Med Coco Husk Chips Brick expand?

Gro-Med Husk Chips brick boasts a rapid expansion time, typically expanding to 7 quarts within just 10-20 minutes

Can I repurpose the packaging for other uses?

Certainly! Get creative and repurpose the plastic-free boxes for various purposes. From storage to DIY projects, the packaging is versatile and can find a second life beyond its original use

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