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coco coir blocks,10 lb compressed coco coir block coco coir blocks,10 lb compressed coco coir block
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Coconut Coir Block Enriched with plant food 10 lb - Expands Upto 20 Gallons

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Size: 80 Quarts / 20 Gallons
The features you’ll love
  • 100% Natural Coconut Coir Block, expands upto 80 quarts, perfect to make the entire garden flourish
  • Formulated with a carefully selected plant nutrients, Gro-Med Coco Coir is designed to maximize plant growth, ensuring your green companions receive the essential food-boost
  • Ideal for all types of crops, from vegetables and flowering plants to fruiting trees and herbs

100% Natural coco coir with an exclusive blend of growth promoting nutrients

VAM Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza that helps foster strong and healthy root systems. Adequate nutrient availability is essential for root growth, ensuring efficient nutrient uptake and water absorption

A mix of Humic and Fulvic acids with potassium helps faster seed germination plants take in nutrients faster and shields plants against soil borne diseases. The other added essential nutrients “Zn, Mg, Mn, Cu, Fe, B, Mo” drive rapid growth while safeguarding against soil-borne diseases

Growth Boosting Nutrient - Amino Acid Liquid, extracted from soya beans, holds 27 different types of proteins & carbohydrates. This acts as a natural plant enhancer which helps build plants' cell walls & accelerate plants' overall growth

All of these amazing nutrients are loaded in our Coco Coir. It's made to help your plants grow well

The plant food added in our coco coir are plant-based extract and organic minerals

How to Use

Expand: Place the block in a 20-gallon container and add water. Allow 20-30 min for the block to expand

Fluffing: Once expanded, fluff it up with a garden trowel to create a light and airy texture

Planting: Just one block fills 20 pots of one-gallon size

Watering: Water your plants as needed, and enjoy the benefits of optimal aeration and drainage

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The benefits every grower will love

Gro-Med Coco Coir Block – The organic garden soil for maximizing plant growth with bigger blooms and good quality yield. Our Coco Coir Block is meticulously crafted with an exclusive blend of premium coconut coir and essential plant growth-boosting nutrients, creating the perfect growing environment for plants to grow strong

Enriched with plant food: We've enriched our Coco Coir Block with a specially formulated blend of organic plant nutrients that promote healthy root development and robust growth. This exclusive mix provides your plants with the essential food-boost they need for optimal growth

3X Water Retention: - Coco Coir soil holds 9 times water to ensure the soil stays moist for longer period of time. This balance is key to fostering an ideal root environment, crucial for plant health and growth

pH Balanced: Gro-Med Coco Coir Block for plants is pH balanced, ensuring that your plants have a stable and conducive growing environment. This helps plants absorb nutrients efficiently, leading to better overall health.

Perfect for all types of crops: Our compressed coco coir block  can be used to grow flowers, fruits, vegetables, succulents, and herbs. It is a perfect growing medium for terrace gardens, raised-gardens, vertical gardens, landscaping, kitchen gardens, plant pots, container pots, and seedling trays

Product information

Premium Quality Garden Soil for Planting

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Tamie Davis

Coconut Coir Block Enriched with plant food 10 lb - Expands Upto 20 Gallons

David Hansen

Received my order. Plan on using it for future grows to see how it does.

Happy to buy these blocks

Good quality

Coconut coir block is great to use for all season

Yoo man, I loved it have just sow seeds, excited to watch the results

Lets start with seeds

Im growing seeds for my garden in this substrate, i think the seeds are growing great